iDX8-MDH1000 (8-axis controller)
Intelligent dispensing controller
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Product features

Integrated controller
Use PC-Based architecture, integrates IPC、Motion Control Card、Servo wiring board、I/O Card and I/O wiring board. Therefore,it has the advantages of small size and high stability, it can integrate diverse software systems, including motion control systems, vision systems and IoT systems.
High speed and high precision
According to the different needs of the manufacturer's application field, MOTORCON develops a continuous smooth curve function. Under the synchronous speed of 230mm/s, the maximum error of the trajectory is less than 0.7mm, which helps the manufacturer to maintain a certain precision under the condition of increasing production capacity.
Dispensing technics
• Provide point, coating, irrigation, and glue processing process settings  (drawing / coating switch gun timing...)
 • Provide glue gun calibration and processing height measurement function
 • Provide a variety of clear gun mechanisms
 • Provide DXF track generation
 • Provides a variety of drawing functions
 • Provides precise servo supply control function
Visual computing function
Without install any fixed fixtures to save production cost, support visual-aid mobile teaching and optical height positioning, for example: Visual image distorted auto calibration function、Auto visual dispensing function for array processing、Auto visual dispensing function for multi objects auto recognition、Auto visual dispensing function for object deviation, rotation、Auto compensation of product height to achieve consistent dispensing height..., operation intuitively save the teaching time greatly, and combined with 1D, 2D code to transmit the information through the machine network.