iRX4 Robot Controller (4-axis robot)
4-axis robot controller
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Product features

Integrated controller 
Use PC-Based architecture, integrates IPC、Motion Control Card、Servo wiring board、I/O Card and I/O wiring board. Therefore,it has the advantages of small size and high stability, it can integrate diverse software systems, including motion control systems, vision systems and IoT systems.
Multi-axis robot control function
Built-in robot kinematics, providing 4-axis robot control functions, including SCARA, Delta and palletizing robots for point-to-point, linear and arc motion control, and support absolute encoder communication for various brand drives. In addition, it provides singularity analysis function to avoid unintended actions that may occur when the robot moves to the singularity position, such as sudden unintended acceleration, etc.
Friendly human-machine interface design
Intuitive operation design, easy to use, and it can combind with the 6.5" or 8.4" teaching pendant. Supports CAD/CAM files input, allowing the robot to realize the motion of any complex trajectory and support USB interface data access, each action file capacity is limited to 250MB, at last, provide online robot control command query function.
High precision control function
Pulse output control interface.
The usage of instant control design in multi-axis control to ensure the stability of synchronous trajectory precision and moving speed to meet processes requirements such as welding, assembly etc...
The resolution of the Cartesian coordinate control command is +/-0.001mm, and the resolution of the joint coordinate control command is +/-0.001°, which enables high-precision control.