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Structure of Harmonic Gear

Wave generator: The wave generator is consists of an elastic bearing and an elliptical cam. The wave generator is usually mounted at the input of the reducer.
Elastic gear: The elastic gear is a thin cylindrical cup with external teeth. The elastic gear is usually mounted at the output of the reducer.
Internal gear: The internal gear engages the teeth of the elastic gear. The internal gear has two more teeth than the elastic gear.
Product features

Optimizes for tooth profile design: high contact ratio tooth profile design to achieve lower structural stress, smooth operation and high torsional stiffness.
Optimizes for structure of elastic gear design: the structure of the elastic gear is optimized to improve structural strength, durability and vibration.
Optimizes for radial bending moment design: consider both the axial torque and radial bending moment to achieve the actual field load conditions.

Aviation, Aerospace, Energy, Navigation, Bionic Machinery.
Machine tools, instruments, electronic equiment, transportation, textile machinery, agricultural machinery and medical equipment.
More superiority in small volume, high dynamic performance servo systems.