8-axis integrated motion control platform (8-axis servo)
Product features

Compared with the traditional controller, we integrate IPC, motion control card, servo signal adapter board, I/O card and I/O signal adapter board, therefore it has the advantage of small size.
Embedded fanless design system, and put the control card into the motion controller, this not only solves the problem that if it encounters the vibration environment the traditional plug-in card may cause the PCB to burn but also greatly improves the stability.
PC-Based can quickly meet the complex development environments, achieve machines networking.
Supports any 8-axis linear synchronous interpolation control.
Support any 6-axis arc interpolation tracking control .
Support 3D arc synchronous interpolation control.
IoT module provides the MQTT/OPC UA communication module that can easy to import factory MES system, acheieve the IoT production line. 
Machine vision module is the important part of the industry 4.0, it can accelerate the reaction and correction of the machines.