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2019 Intel Edge Computing Solution Summit
Date: 2019.12.17
Venue: 7th Floor, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 2
We are proud to be invited by Intel to showcase our AMR and be one of the partners of Intel's IoT solution market-ready alliance.
AMR has adopted a piling structure, which allows specific gadgets to be installed on top of it. Max. weight up to 100 kgs. The software consists of Linux+ ROS, combining 2D Lidar/IMU/Encoder. The AMR has the ability to draw a map while maneuvering. It features self-navigation and obstacle detection and provides 2nd-time development orders. The developers are able to quickly add values to the existing system, without having to start from the bottom.
According to customer needs, MOTORCON not only provides complete vehicle but also sells AMR's controller-MDH1800. MDH1800 controller has high performance of CPU computing, high memory capacity, it is not only meets the high-resolution machine vision computing requirements but also interact with the customer's car.