EtherCAT motion controller

Use the device: EtherCAT motion controller
Application note:
EtherCAT transmission for complex machining environments, long-distance control or noise- interference environments.
Plan description:
According to the CPU and the number of control axes, Motorcon offers three types of host can be selected, all of them supports any 8-axis linear synchronous interpolation control, any 6-axis arc interpolation tracking control、3D arc synchronous interpolation control, and supports multiple brands of EtherCAT motors and components, and it can control up to 64 axes.
Provide pre tune up software which can be used in the field to deploy drivers, and adjust the parameters according to different requirements.
According to the I/O demands, combined with EtherCAT I/O board, and built-in rich I/O functions.
Provide IoT module, MQTT/OPC UA communication  module facilitates the introduction of factory MES system to meet the production line IoT requirements.

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