Dispensing controller Solutions

Use the device: MDH1000 motion controller
Application note:
Headlights dispensing, Shoe material dispensing, Printed circuit board filling, IC package dispensing, hard disk coating, computer phone case packaging dispensing.

Plan description:
This program integrates the machine vision, machine networking, integrated motion controller and dispensing technics.
The machine vision part provides effective alignment control and identification of one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code, which not only greatly reduces the cost of the fixture, but also enables the effective transmission of information.
Integrated motion controller integrates IPC、Motion control card、 Servo wiring board、I/O card and I/O wiring board. Therefore, the advantages includes the small size、high stability、easy wiring and installation. In addition, we integrates the machine vision and the IoT.
The dispensing technics provides point, coating, irrigation, and glue processing process settings、glue gun calibration and processing height measurement function、a variety of clear gun mechanisms、DXF track generation、a variety of drawing functions and precise servo supply control function.
In addition to having the above diverse characteristics, for customers' needs, MOTORCON can achieve high speed, constant speed and high precision machining regardless of the number of track points in continuous smooth control and multiple-axis synchronous motion.

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