CPU scanner system

Use the device: iRX6-MTC400 + MDH1000 + TB-EM16

Application note:
The personnel put the CPU Tray discs into the machine station for operation, and the machine will have the steps of sensing, automatic feeding, serial number scanning, automatic discharging, and completion of notification.
In addition, the serial number read failure temporary storage area is set. If there is a single or multiple CPUs that cannot complete the serial number scanning, the robot arm will capture the CPU, place the unfinished area temporarily, finally the worker will perform the serial number supplementary scanning.

Plan description:
The solution uses iRX6-MTC400 to control the CPU input number, and cooperate with MDH1000 to transfer the CPU Tray disk.
The robot arm is used to hold the barcode scanner to scan the CPU serial number, which replaces the manual scanning in the past and greatly improves the manufacturing efficiency.
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