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About us
    Currently, the manufacturing industry is moving towards the goal of Industry 4.0-Smart Factory. From IT to OT, MOTORCON provides a complete IIoT solution to assist customers in digital transformation and enhance market competitiveness.
    In the IT, mainly to assist customers to achieve the intelligent management, the "MIoT Intelligent Management System" and "QVR Intelligent Imaging System" of MOTORCON provide "manufacturing information" and "image information" timely at the manufacturing site and calculate OEE . With the AI calculation analysis that help customers greatly improve the operation efficiency of the factory and meet the needs of future factory intelligent management.
    In the OT, mainly to assist customers to quickly upgrade from the traditional PLC control system to the intelligent control system. MOTORCON provides the high-precision "PC-Based Motion Controller" and integrates the vision module and the IoT module to establish the intelligent application controllers, such as " Intelligent dispensing controller" and "Robot controller". In addition, MOTORCON provides independent-development intelligent mobile platform AMR control system and multi-axis industrial robots to help the factory to achieve automation and labor saving.
    Under the development trend of industrial IoT and intelligent manufacturing, how should manufacturers transform to keep up with the business opportunity? MOTORCON has prepared for you, supply from motion control solution to intelligent management system application development service. We provide complete solutions for the industry. MOTORCON expects to work with you and create business opportunities.